In and around Kitzbühel there IS lots to discover.


Feel free to book any activitie prior to your arrival or once you have checked in. Some activities are also posted by our staff for all Roomies to take part in. We look forward to having a great time with you.

Getting to new hEights
Go for speed or just hang in there, bouldering is for everyone.
better not have acrophobia
Balance is of the essence, do you have the stomach for it?
all downhill from here
There are several trails in and around Kitzbühel
SPeed rush
Race down a mountain trail on a trike
For that extra boost
Less exercise, more enjoying the view.
SPlash & Chill
Enjoy the sun and the water on a SUP.
For the explorers
Lots of water, small caves. Only for the brave ones.
Simply cruising
An alternative to walking. A great way to explore.
Splash & Fun
No better team building than this. Working together is key.
Great fun and there is a bar at the bowling alley.
From a new perspective
You have to try it! The thrill is something else.
Hole in one
There are 4 courses in town and many more around.
Heaven is a Halfpipe
There is a small skatepark just downtown.
Ever been on a archery parkour? We have a dozen!
One with Nature
Obviously the reason why you come here in summer.
Perhaps the best exercise
There are a bunch of lakes around, take a dip!
Learn about our nature
No need to be a botanist, simply enjoy the beauty.
Learn about our Wildlife
See up close what you may never see in the wild.
SO cute and Cuddly
Your heart will melt away and you will never want to leave.
All Regional Product
Fresh from the farm and the fields. It doesn't get healthier than this.
Go Deep into the mountain
As long as you'r not claustrophobic, this will be fun.
Punch like Rocky
We have our own coach, who would love to show you some moves.
There are outdoor and indoor courts.
Treat yourself
Kitzbühel has a variety of wellness offers.
a Sandy encounter
Not far away, are some state of the art courts.